My Institution

SISSA – Condensed Matter Group
(June 2015 -)

Research and education in the Theory and Numerical Simulation of Condensed Matter group aim at advancing our understanding of how the microscopic constituents of matters self-assemble to bring about the whole complexity of the states of matter, from molecules to complex solids. The main research lines cover a wide spectrum of problems in condensed-matter physics ranging from the chemical physics of surfaces, interfaces, and nano-structured materials, to the properties of strongly correlated system and quantum fluids

ICMMICMM-CSIC – Group of Theory of Quantum effects and Correlations, Department of Theory and Simulation of Materials
(November 2012 – May 2015)
The group of Theory of quantum effects and correlations in novel materials focus on new properties of novel materials and nanostructures from a theoretical point of view: graphene, carbon nanotubes, nanowires, quantum dots and silicon nanoelectronics, topological insulators, superconductors and other strongly correlated systems.

Sapienza University of Rome – Strongly Correlated Electrons Group, Department of Physics
(November 2009 – November 2012)

The SCE Group is a theoretical condensed matter group based at the Physics Department of Sapienza University of Rome. The main topics of research include: High Temperature Superconductivity, Strongly correlated Electron Systems, Electron-Phonon Interactions, Critical Phenomena, Disordered Systems, Complex Materials.


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